Sir David Smith Maintains The Rage
Written by ACM   
Tuesday, 10 August 2004

Canberra, Australia - Canberra's ACM Patron and former No Case Committee member Sir David Smith has successfully lobbied the National Council of Scouts Australia to abandon their plan to remove reference to the Queen from the Scout Promise.

During last year's republican purge, the National Executive Committee of the Scout Association took it upon themselves to change the world renown pledge. It appears that the republicans within the movement neglected to have the matter approved by the National Council.

When the matter was finally brought before the appropriate body Sir David, the National Vice President of the Scout Association, found his level of support to be so great that the executive was forced to withdraw the recommendation and the Scout Promise, like our Constitution, has survived another day.

Sir David has warned, however, that the National Executive has promised a general review of all aspects of the Scout Promise, so in the words of Lord Baden Powell 'Be Prepared'.