Prince Charles To Marry
Written by Professor David Flint AM   
Thursday, 10 February 2005

“Australians will wish Prince Charles well on the announcement of his forthcoming marriage “ the National Convener of Australians For Constitutional Monarchy, Professor David Flint. said today. “The marriage has no constitutional implications for Australia. The spouse of the Sovereign is usually accorded a courtesy title, but not any formal position in our constitutional system. It is to be regretted that activists have intruded into this happy occasion by attempting to revive interest in making fundamental changes to our constitution.

Australians have long demonstrated that they are a wise constitutional people, only agreeing to constitutional change when it is demonstrated that the change is, as one of our Founders said, desirable, irresistible and inevitable.

The fact is that anyone can design a constitution. Unfortunately, very few work, and work as long as the Australian system has, in peace and in war, in depression and in prosperity.

It is in the context of our heritage, our successful and stable constitutional system, our sound institutions and our fundamental values that Australians have achieved so much and made such significant contributions to the world.”

Until next time,
David Flint