NZ Flag undermined
Written by ACM   
Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The New Zealand Prime Minister John Key is engaging in a shockingly devious attempt to persuade New Zealanders to change their flag.

 There is one honest and straight forward way for the republican prime minister to ask New Zealanders whether they want to change their flag, the one so many served under and died for.

 this would be for John Key to put up his preferred new flag or flags against the existing flag. 

 That is how John Howard amended the Australian Flag Act. This was after the Keating government admitted it would change the Australian flag prior to the centenary of federation without even asking the people.

 Accordingly Australia's law was changed to require that any new flag or flags had to be approved by the people. To head off the sort of trick proposed for New Zealand, the Australian flag must ALWAYS be included in any vote. 

 Australia's republican flag changer politicians were well and truly caught out. 

 Embarrassed, they sheepishly went along with this. 

 But John Key hopes to pull the wool over New Zealanders eyes. He wants them to choose a new flag first. 

 His plan is that the ''winning'' flag will be pushed for months in a no doubt taxpayer funded campaign. It will be supported by the usual suspects.

 So that's what New Zealanders are in for. The New Zealand Prime Minister will be undermining the New Zealand Flag for many long months. 

 Australian's flag changing politicians would love to be able to do that. 

 Only one year after John Key's campaigning for his new flag will New Zealanders be allowed to say whether they actually want a new flag.

 John Key thinks New Zealanders will fall for his trick. We doubt it. 

 Because it is a blatant attempt to trick the people, they could well boycott the first vote.