Scottish referendum
Written by ACM   
Wednesday, 10 September 2014

If only Tony Abbott had been on hand to counsel his British counterpart about the correct way to run a plebiscite, the possibility that Scotland might vote for a vague and ill-defined secession would be a good deal more remote than the polls suggest.

”One thing the English don’t like is to be told that a former colony knows better,” the Australian diplomat warned Tony Abbott, who had found himself under fire after speaking in favour of Scotland staying in the UK. Now he was... giving some more advice to David Cameron.

“Dave, I know you Brits don’t like us telling you how to do things. But, mate, with this Scottish business, you should see how Aussies do referendums.”

”Very interesting, no doubt, Tony,” Cameron replied. Hoping to deflect the issue with a spot of old-time duchessing, he added: ”Was it a knighthood you were wondering about? ”


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