Conspiracy Debunked
Written by ACM   
Monday, 14 July 2014


Paul Kelly, Editor-at-large at The Australian writes ("Conspiracy debunked" 8 July 2014) on the role of Rupert Murdoch in the newspaper. He also speaks of the newspaper's "core values" which include "backing for a Republic".

Mr Kelly was a very strong proponent of the newspaper's at times frantic campaign in the 90s for the delivery of the Keating Turnbull Republic. The Australian's editorial position now seems to be along the lines of St Augustine "Give me a Republic ... but not yet''.

The Australian has handed over the role of flag bearer to the Fairfax newspapers, but even they seem to have realised the futility of pushing the issue in these days when the nation's youth are challenging the elderly as the age group the least interested in Australia becoming a politicians' republic .

For those interested the full statement of The Australian's core values "can be summarised as a competitive market based economy; the belief that a strong economy and healthy society go together; faith in a big Australia; the global outlook shaped by engagement with Asia and the US Alliance; a greater emphasis on parental responsibilities; the belief that culturally progressive policies in education and the indigenous have failed the nation; backing for a Republic and genuine aboriginal reconciliation; and ensuring the full scope of the nation – its regional role and resource potential – is recognised."

"Paul Kelly ends by saying that ''the paper is a shared project. Yet many would agree with (Mark) Day's proposition that without an idiosyncratic proprietor we wouldn't have a 50th anniversary".

Mr. Kelly's observation on the singular role of Rupert Murdoch is probably correct.