Republican debate: Bob Carr forgets
Written by ACM   
Wednesday, 25 June 2014
Former Premier Bob Carr seemed to experience a lapse of memory concerning a crucial matter while speaking for the republican Yes case in the BBC/ABC IQ2 debate on 24 June 2014 "The Queen should be the last Australian monarch".

He denied that he had very clearly and publicly revealed that the reason he expelled NSW Governors from Government House in 1996 was that he objected to the Crown's reserved powers.

...record clear...

Despite Bob Carr's denial, the record is clear.

Launching the 3rd edition of EG Whitlam's book ''The truth of the matter'' in 2005, he had said that one lesson from Mr Whitlam's dismissal by the Governor-General in 1975 was the potentially corrupting role of the vice-regal office.

In a surprise admission, he then said that this was the reason he had decided the NSW governor would not live in Government House.

His speech at a book launch was reported in the press. He did not deny this at the time. Nor did he complain to the Press Council .

The issue arose after Professor Flint pointed out that David Aaronovich, an English journalist appointed by the organisers as one of the two speakers against the motion, had based the high level of support for the monarchy only on its magic and on various light and amusing news items.

But the case argued consistently by Australian constitutional monarchists frm the nineties has been about power, that is, the role of the Australian Crown as a significant check and balance over the political arm.

Professor Flint had reminded Mr Carr that he had admitted in 2005 that he had expelled the Governors because of the reserve powers. In denying that he had said this, Mr Carr lamented the fact that the Governor had returned to Government House.