What happened on 11 November
Written by ACM   
Tuesday, 03 June 2014

In "The truth about what happened on November 11, 1975 '' ( The Australian 2 June 2014) Sir David Smith corrects two errors in Mark Day's summary of the dismissal of Prime Minister Whitlam. As Official Secretary to Sir John Kerr, Sir David was intimately involve din the events of the day.


“Shortly after noon on November 11, Kerr, having consulted secretly with Barwick, called Whitlam to Government House and withdrew his au..viagra.com commission” (“On a slippery path to the cliff”, 30/5).

Neither statement is true.
The consultation with Garfield Barwick was not secret. On the afternoon of Monday, November 10, 1975, every newspaper represented in the parliamentary press gallery in Canberra received the customary vice-regal news telling them that the governor-general had received the chief justice at Admiralty House that day, and that the chief justice had later returned to Admiralty House to have lunch with the governor-general. The vice-regal notice was published in the usual newspapers next morning.

The governor-general John Kerr did not call Gough Whitlam to Government House on November 11. Whitlam chose that day to call on the governor-general to advise him to order a half-Senate election to be held on December 13 to elect senators who would not take their places in the Senate for another six and a half months.How that would have solved the government’s and the nation’s impending financial crisis defies imagination.