Records broken
Written by ACM   
Wednesday, 07 May 2014
ACM's internet presence is breaking all records. Our Facebook page reached a record 465,000 plus in the week ending 1 May, 2014 with over 52,000 of them classified by Facebook as engaged*.

Fans or ''likes" rose to over 46,000.

18% of our ACM fans are under 18, 39% are under 25, and 51% are under 35.

The ratio of male to female fans  is 52:48 compared with all Facebook of 54:46.

Our fans come overwhelmingly from Australia (41,803), the next three countries being the USA (683) the UK (549) and India (175).

Of similar Facebook pages dedicated to the advocacy of constitutional monarchy, this appears to be the most visited, and the one with the largest number of fans and  the greatest reach in the world.


In the meantime, ACM also runs two successful internet sites, our principal site and an educational site, as well as a Twitter account and two YouTube sites with over 2.8 million views.

In the year to date there were 9,695,070 hits on our principal site with 4,349.179 page views and 679,397 visits.

This site appears to be the most visited constitutional monarchist advocacy site in the world.

In addition, there were 675,338 hits on our educational site, with 554,070 page views and 136,066 visits.

*[This is the number of unique visitors who did something in relation to a post, for example, clicked liked, commented, shared or otherwise clicked on our posts]