Mike Carlton and Mark Latham
Written by ACM   
Sunday, 06 April 2014
In his weekly column in The Sydney Morning Herald on 3 April 2014,  under the heading ''Lording it over the monarchists'', Mike Carlton wonders whether ACM's David Flint has written to him incognito concerning his last week's column. This he says was about knights, dames and the Queen at breakfast and had monarchists howling for ''my treasonous head''..

"Mr. Carlton need not worry, " says our National Convenor, ''what I say to him will never be anonymous. but I congratulate him on his elevation both temporal, at least on Twitter and also aural which I have read about in Mr Tim Blair's blog: http://bit.ly/1giVQbi "

....Mark Latham ....

Meanwhile, Mark Latham proposed News Limited appoint correspondents close to the issue. The Murdoch flagship should he says bring in a special Vatican correspondent, George Pell.

"The list is overflowing with possibilities: Sir David Flint covering the republic debate; Mary Jo Fisher on the crime rounds; Lord Monkton writing about climate change; Geert Wilders on multiculturalism; and Chris Kenny commenting on the ABC (oops, that’s already happening).

"There’s also a former editorial writer who could be recalled to beef up the paper’s coverage of national politics. He has a few other commitments these days, such as creating knighthoods and moving into Sydney’s Kirribilli House, but he should be able to squeeze out a few articles, co-authored with his doppelgänger Dennis Shanahan.