Bob Hawke trying to get Aussies to sign a blank cheque
Written by ACM   
Saturday, 22 March 2014

Bob Hawke is actually trying to get Aussies to sign a blank cheque to bring in some sort of politicians' republic  at the end of this reign. Bob must think Aussies are dumb. In fact since 1999, the republicans' campaign has consisted of getting a blank cheque on both the constitution and the flag.

Bob this just doesn't pass the smell test.

It is extraordinary how desperate the republicans are.

Peter FitzSimons wrote to me recently to tell me how former PM Bob Hawke is working to impose some sort of  a republic at the end of The Queen's reign. Although he was prepared to campaign against the Queen in 1999 he has now decided that she is the major obstacle to Australians blindly adopting some sort of a politicians' republic.

He wants us to  have a referendum now on the question: ''Are you in favour of Australia becoming a republic when the Queen's reign is over?'' 




The idea of a referendum to take effect on the passing of the Queen is not only macabre and grotesque but legally full of holes.

 It is unachievable not only for uncertainty but particularly because it does not spell out  what sort of politicians' republic he has up his sleeve, precisely what sections of the Constitution are to be amended and how.  It's a joke.


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