Republican support still falling
Written by ACM   
Friday, 07 March 2014

In this briefing on 28 February 2014, ACM's national convener Professor David Flint points out that the latest Fairfax opinion poll demonstrates what has already been well established over time and across the polls.

Republican support continues to fall, and worse for the Republicans, the last poll published by Fairfax demonstrates that support is lower among the young than even among the  elderly.


This is a timebomb for our republican friends.

Although many politicians – who do endless polling and focus groups – still cling to some dreams of some sort of politicians' republic, they are realistic enough now to know that another referendum or a plebiscite at this time or the foreseeable future would result in a greater defeat than in 1999.

The politicians know particularly that the public would be unforgiving for any politician that pushed this issue to another vote.