Almost certain violence?
Written by ACM   
Tuesday, 28 January 2014

ACM is in no way associated with a prediction of  "almost certain violence'' which would allegedly accompany the proposed aboriginal recognition referendum.

This prediction was in a Media Release by Philip Benwell  headlined "Aboriginal Recognition Set Back For Decades".  

In this he says the  Rudd and Gillard governments moved away from their commitment to hold a referendum because of  vandalism and of a demonstration where Ms.Gillard had lost her shoe. ( The demonstration was provoked by misinformation by a member of her staff who then resigned.) 

 He predicts in the Media Release that vandalism - and this demonstration -  ''undoubtedly sets back the acceptance of Aboriginal recognition by decades''

The contents  of the media release and a subsequent interview were reported nationally by Simon Cullen for the ABC on 27 January 2014, by Andrew Green in this video report  as well as on ABC radio.




ACM, as the nation’s leading constitutional monarchist association, distances itself completely from these  predictions.


ACM is not a political party. Our mission is limited and we do not take a position on constitutional issues unrelated to the   core of our constitutional system, which is centred on an indissoluble Federal Commonwealth under the Crown.


That said, it is difficult to see why Australians would  approach the proposed referendum in any way different from the way in which they have approached all others - thoughtfully and peacefully.