Republican model proposed - ACM refuses support
Written by ACM   
Monday, 20 January 2014

Since the referendum, the Australian Republican Movement has studiously avoided revealing what changes they are planning for both the Constitution and the Flag. Up to 1999 they indicated they wanted a model where the politicians chose and controlled the president. From the floor of the Convention the ARM invited everyone to view an exhibition of new flags which was being put on at the same time.

We refused to be even seen there.

Then as the referendum approached the ARM openly supported a travelling exhibition of new flags. Notably absent from each exhibition was the Australian National Flag. But the ARM endorsed travelling exhibition included an obscene homophobic racist flag.

Now the ARM steadfastly refuses to reveal one word of the changes they are proposing to the Constitution. They pretend that the Flag is not one of their targets, but the republican standard bearer, The Age has let the cat out of the bag over this. The Age says that no one seriously believes that the Flag will survive a (politicians') republic, and since that is inevitable we might as well change it now.

But now a new proponent of republican change has emerged, and he has a model. He sought ACM's support, but we have of course refused.