Referendum retrospective
Written by ACM   
Thursday, 04 April 2013

Professor Geoffrey Blainey AC is one of Australia's leading historians. He has an international reputation. During the referendum campaign, he warned that the republican model on offer could lead to a dictatorship. The Australian, then campaigning strongly for this republic, found this warning highly  newsworthy.




 Our post of this referendum poster attracted this comment by regular republican commentator Fred Tomkins : “ What a load of tosh. Blainey isn't a monarchist.” 

We never said he was.

On the final day of the 1998 Constitutional Convention, the following motion was put to the vote: “That this Convention supports, in principle,Australia becoming a republic.” The record notes this was moved by The Reverend Tim Costello and seconded by Ms Mary Delahunty. The motion was carried by 89 to 52 with 11 abstentions. Among the 52 voting No is .....Geoffrey Blainey.