Constitutional Monarchy - How it works
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Tuesday, 26 February 2013
When supporters of one of two Australians wrongly held in Dubai since 2009 became disillusioned with what they saw as a lack of action by the Gillard government, they approached Prince Charles. He has taken a personal interest in the case, and has been briefed on it by a leading Australian Queen’s Counsel, Jack Rush.

The print version of The Australian’s front page exclusive report on 26 February, 2013 by Cameron Stewart is accompanied by a cartoon, showing a courtier on bended knee saying to Prince Charles “ Sire! There are a couple of colonials being held prisoner in Dubai!”  Prince Charles, wearing a crown, says “ Fuel the jet” . The cartoon is titled  “ CONSTITUTIONAL MONARCHY! HOW IT WORKS”

[The  cartoon above is by Nicholson from “The Australian” newspaper: and appeared on the editorial page. We thank Mr. Nicholson and The Australian for  their kind  permission to post his cartoon. This permission should not of course be interpreted as indicating support for the ACM mission.]