Australians soldiers serving under the Australian Flag
Written by ACM   
Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Australians fought under the Australian Flag in the First World War - although republican flag changers claim that they didn't. But facts are facts.  In this First World War design, we see an image of  Australian soldiers with the Australian Flag against an arrangement showing the flags  of our allies in what came to be known as the Great War.


How could we obey the instructions of the republican flag changers and betray the memory of those who served under it? 

Most of those flag changers cannot even say what they want to replace it. Just as they hate the Australian Crown in the constitution, they  hate the Australian Flag. As former Prime Minister Paul Keating once said, the Australian Flag  "gets up my nose."  He even denigrated it when he was overseas - representing Australia.

He would not have agreed with the great leader of the Australian Labor Party, Dr H V Evatt, who  said in 1953:

The flag that is now Australia's national flag, which is based on the Blue Ensign, is a very beautiful flag. It is probably the most beautiful flag in the world.”