First republican campaign for 2013 - shred the Aussie Flag
Written by ACM   
Thursday, 03 January 2013

Well-known republican, Harold Scruby, has launched the first republican campaign of 2013. He told AAP’s Daniel Fogarty that an announcement by the Fijian Prime Minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, that the country will change its flag is “embarrassing” for Australia.

[ Australians serving under the Flag in the First World War]

Harold Scruby was a noted campaigner for the Yes case in the 1999 referendum, calling for the cleansing of the electoral role of Australian residents who were British citizens.

Following the current republican strategy of hiding from the people what changes they want to the Constitution,  Mr. Scruby does not say what new flag he is pushing to replace our Australian flag.


In an editorial on the nation’s leading talkback program on the Macquarie Radio Network,  Andrew Moore said he wished Ausflag would just go away.

Harold Scruby’s announcement that Australia was somehow embarrassed was, he said, “hogwash”.

On the one hand republicans claim all Australians will be united under politicians’ republic,” said  Jai Martinkovits, ACM’s Executive Director, “but on the other hand they seek to undermine the national symbol of our unity, our Australian Flag.”  

Bert Lane from the Australian National Flag Association (ANFA) has told AAP said the current flag reflects our history and that it was a "stupid statement" to say it was embarrassing that Fiji would be changing their flag before Australia.

...destroy our Flag and our heritage ...


"Ausflag, they want to destroy the Australian flag," said Mr Lane, the immediate past president of ANFA Western Australia."A lot of people love our flag. The symbolism on the Australian national flag - we have the Union Jack to talk about our heritage and our history ... we have have the Southern Cross on there to identify our place on the face of the earth."

Mr Lane said the Australian flag was the only flag to be designed by the people, for the people, in a competition that attracted 32,823 entries.He said there was also a lot of military history and pride attached to the current Australian flag.

The overwhelming majority of Australians will agree.

...the ARM link...

Incidentally, Harold Scruby used to run Ausflag with the then ARM leader, Malcolm Turnbull. Mr. Turnbull subsequently saw the light and now supports the Australian Flag.

 The ARM previously supported the campaign to shred the Australian Flag, with something from an array of beach towels and one so offensive it would get them before the Human Rights Commission today. Their referendum ally and campaigner, the IRA's Gerry Adams , might as well have chosen it .  ( Adams never handed over the IRA murderers of young Australian tourists mistaken for British soldiers in Holland.)

But they  have gone quiet on this in recent times. Just as they have with details of the constitutional changes  they have up their sleeves. 

Do the republicans really  think the Australian people would give them a blank cheque to change the flag and the constitution?