"In Praise of The Prince of Wales" - Part 1 - Who is Prince Charles?
Written by ACM   
Sunday, 02 December 2012

In his address, "In praise of the Prince of Wales", Professor Flint says one particular fact tells us what sort of man the Prince is.

In 2008, at a time in his life when most people would be  looking forward to their  retirement, the Prince threw himself into his work and raised the sterling equivalent of one quarter of $1 billion - that is billion not million - for a wide range of  very worthy charities.  This year is  typical.

His is a very well rounded man with interests ranging from the environment, the heritage, architecture, alternative medicine and many other areas.

And in most instances, he became interested well before the issue became fashionable.
For the several nations over which will be he will reign, he will be - in so  many ways - an ideal monarch.