Republics in trouble
Written by Professor David Flint AM   
Monday, 17 May 2004

The South Korean Constitutional Court has just overruled the impeachment of President Roh. Since 12 March, the government had been paralysed. The crisis has had one advantage for the President-in the intervening parliamentary elections his party won a majority in the National Assembly.

 This of course does not cure the problem which can flow from a constitution which allows the politicians to use it to assume power at the cost of stability.

In the meantime a UN Development Program poll of more than 20000 people in Latin America revealed that a majority, 54.7%, would support authoritarian governments over democracy if that would solve their economic problems.

Latin America never received from its colonisers the inestimable gifts of the rule of law, the Westminster system, autonomy and the encouragement to Federate-if we wanted it. Australia did. And still, the republican establishment wants to tamper with our Constiution in ways which could do untold damage to the nation.