The state of Australia's most monarchist State
Written by ACM   
Friday, 31 August 2012

Malcolm Badgery, a well known supporter of the constitutional monarchy and of federalism is the Secretary of ACM's Queensland Division.

He answered a series of questions posed by Professor David Flint at the time of a major constitutional conference in Brisbane in August 2012.

In this video Professor Flint pointed out that in the 1999 republican referendum, despite a richly endowed republican campaign strongly supported by most politicians and the mainstream media, 92% of Queensland electorates voted No, with 63% of Queenslanders voting to keep the monarchy.  Although all states voted No, Queensland was most opposed to the best republican model the Australian Republican Movement could devise.

Professor Flint asked Mr. Badgery the reasons why Queensland registered such strong support for the monarchy.

In this video he was asked to comment on the fact that Queensland was the most decentralised of the states, and the consequences of this.

In this video he was asked why, unlike their attempts to shred the Australian Flag, republicans have not yet moved against the Queensland Flag.

In this video Professor Flint recalled that the Queensland Legislative Council was abolished in 19222 notwithstanding the people voting to keep it in a referendum, the constitution being changed to require both legislation and a favourable vote in a referendum for its restoration.

He asked about moves to restore it.

In this video he was asked about the level of support for our constitutional monarchy today and in the future.