Politicians' republic
Written by ACM   
Monday, 27 August 2012

Australian political debate has become a very bitter, personal slanging match, writes David Knowles of Chittaway Bay, NSW, in a letter to The Sydney Morning Herald , 23 August 2012. The race for the prime ministership certainly brings out the worst in our politicians. How much more intense would be the battle for an all-powerful presidency?


Given the adversarial nature of our two-party system, a presidential election would become a political battle similar to that which we are witnessing in the United States: a year-long marathon of fund-raising rallies, horse-trading and advertising. No one but a career politician with the backing of a powerful party could enter the contest - no High Court judge, no military leader, no educator, no prominent citizen - just two politicians selected by the parties.

People advocating an Australian republic should stop and look at our current and recent crop of politicians.

 Ask yourself who among them you would want as Australia's president.