Devestating blow to republicans - 60 per cent prefer monarchy
Written by ACM   
Friday, 08 June 2012
Image ACM maintains a watching brief on relevant opinion polling. These are posted to our section on polling. This is a further report in that series.

60% of Australian electors support the monarchy, an opinion poll by Australia's oldest polling organisation Roy Morgan Research reveals.   Jai Martinkovits comments- click here.


Support for what is generally assumed to be the most popular form of republic, one with an elected president is down to 34%.

The monarchy is preferred in all states including Victoria, which was once the most Republican of states, but which nevertheless preferred the monarchy in the 1999 referendum.
Support for the monarchy among Victorian electors is now at a high 60%. Only Greens voters prefer a (politicians’) republic, but even then 43% prefer the monarchy and 2% are undecided. Labour voters narrowly prefer the monarchy, while republican Liberal politicians are on notice that they are out of touch with Liberal voters, 72% of whom support the monarchy.

These results will be devastating for the Republican movement who have recently mounted a new campaign. It is well-established that the actual vote in a referendum is invariably significantly lower than the responses in opinion polls taken well before the formal vote. This suggests that in a referendum on the most popular Republican model, support as a percent would be down in the 20s. A plebiscite even with a spin doctored question is also clearly doomed.

Other questions indicate that the monarchy would still prevail were Prince Charles to succeed and there be a whelming support for Prince William to become King, especially among Labour voters.
Full details of the poll can be seen here.