What's the point of their republic?
Written by ACM   
Wednesday, 09 May 2012
Why must we change our constitution  and trash our flag? The republicans purpose is certainly not to improve the way we are governed. They're just determined to get rid of our oldest institution. 


First they said a Republic was inevitable; we said why the rush.  Then they said it was to become independent; we pointed to Canada.   Then a string of  celebrities gave all sorts of unlikely reasons – ending the recession, liberating artists, increasing immigration, stopping the Indonesian dictator from being confused, and allowing the Irish editor of the Sydney morning Herald to condescend to take up our citizenship. 

Looking more than foolish, they then hit on what they were sure was their magic bullet.  An obscure diplomatic term.  The're still arguing it .  The fact is, Australians aren't lying awake at night wondering who their head of state is.

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