State of the Nation: Conversazione
Written by ACM   
Monday, 21 November 2011

These two videos are from a broadcast of the ACM and Roy Morgan Research event "State of the Nation - Australia's Constitutional Future: Challenges for the Monarchy in a globally connected world".


In this conversazione  Gary Morgan and Michele Levine answer questions from David Flint on matters including:

·      the tendency in a referendum for support for change to be lower at the actual vote

·        how  the undecided in a poll actually vote - they tend to vote No

·        is Morgan the only poll to ask how people how they will allocate their preferences – most pollsters rely on the last election statistics

·        the value of face-to-face polling compared with telephone polling- alone among pollsters, Morgan does both

·        whether intial strong feelings about an issue are tempered over time- our election results are usually quite close compared with some countries

·        whether the next election will be closer than people believe

·         why Morgan unemployment statistics are higher than the government's

·        whether there  is a fundamental  dissatisfaction with  government, a desire for greater accountability for example through recall elections

·        what puts issues onto a list  such as in this report  ( this is relevant in determining the principal issues in an election)