Royal Visit 2011 - Head of the Commonwealth arrives in Perth.
Written by ACM   
Thursday, 27 October 2011

With the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting to be opened in Perth on Friday, 28 October, The Queen arrived there from Melbourne on Wednesday, 26, October.  Her Majesty had flown to Melbourne from Canberra earlier that morning.

The Queen was greeted by large cheering crowds in Melbourne who spontaneously sung the Royal Anthem, God Save the Queen.

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh then took the four hour flight across the nation to the Western capital, Perth, no doubt, reminding the foreign media how vast this country is.

This video report was by Selina Edmonds and was broadcast on the national television news broadcaster, Sky News.

Notwithstanding the fact that they had been in two other capitals on the same day, the 85-year-old monarch and her 90-year-old consort, were as sprightly as ever as they came down from the plane after a flight roughly equivalent of that to a journey from London to Istanbul.

In the meantime, it is finally dawning on the republican establishment that not only are the Australian people completely uninterested in a politicians' republic, they love their Queen and relish the fact that she provides leadership beyond politics.

God Save the Queen, indeed