Immigrants and the Crown: ACM experience changed me, says Tony Abbott
Written by ACM   
Sunday, 26 June 2011

The Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott,  says his experience with Australians for Constitutional Monarchy changed him.

"Over the years, there are two significant issues on which I’ve changed my mind, said Tony Abbott on 25 June 2011. “ In both cases, I’m confident, on the prompting of the “better angels” of our nature.”

One was immigration, the other paid parental leave.

The Leader of the Federal Opposition was addressing the Federal Council of the Liberal Party in Canberra.

This video extract was broadcast on 26 June 2011 by Andrew Bolt in The Bolt Report, a high rating and new current affairs programme on the National Ten network.

...Australians for Constitutional Monarchy.... 

“With Geoffrey Blayney, I used to worry that multiculturalism would leave us a 'nation of tribes,' Mr. Abbott said.

“That was before I became Executive Director of Australians for Constitutional Monarchy and discovered that some of the Crown’s strongest supporters had not been born under it.


“Liberals should never be more proud of our country than when migrants choose Australia.

“They are the ultimate vindication of our country as a land of hope, reward and opportunity. 

“Migrants to Australia have always been determined to make the most of their new home by working hard, starting businesses and raising families."