Why republican politicans have put off a referendum
Written by Professor David Flint AM   
Tuesday, 14 June 2011
The Foreign Minister, Mr Kevin Rudd, has told the BBC in London that while The Queen is always very welcome in Australia, the government is committed to making Australia a republic.


"We've not stipulated a timeline for doing that. We are sensitive to the other priorities we've got as a nation and in the world, but in time the country will head in that direction,” he added.

Mr. Rudd’s explanation of the government’s decision to put off any action on a republic during this reign is somewhat disingenuous.

It is not about stipulating a timeline. The reason is that the Prime Minister knows - as does Mr Turnbull - that polling  trends have indicated for years that not only is a referendum on any republican model doomed to an even greater loss than in 1999. 

So is a plebiscite, no matter how well it has crafted by the highest paid spin doctors the politicians can find.  
 In other words the Australian people are not interested in a politicians’ republic.