The Governor of New South Wales Part Six
Written by Thomas Flynn   
Wednesday, 15 June 2011

This is part six of the educational video produced in New South Wales.

When I was cutting this video up for easy viewing on YouTube it was interesting to note how easily the creators of the original moved between Sir David Martin talking about the Governor's constitutional function to a discussion of Government House and back again. It is striking that the two were quite naturally seen as closely related.

It turns out that contrary to the elite opinion (see the leading article from The Australian celebrating the eviction of the Governor of NSW, for example) Government House is important in the role of the Governor.

Again Sir David gives a valuable succinct summary of the position of the Governor  - to whom he is repsonsible and to whom he is not responsible.

"Note please that the Governor is not responsible to the Governor General. There is no chain of command from the State Governor to the Governor-general. There is no link of any sort from the Governor to the British Government or to any member of the British Government. He has a link to the Queen of Australia whom he represents but not to the British Government."

 This extract concludes with footage of functions held at Government House with the Governor as host. Some of these functions are formal, some less so.