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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Who cares if pensioners are against a republic? It's not their future, and therefore it's not their place to decide, writes Michael Koziol in an opinion piece in The Sydney Morning Herald .

"Pensioners? It's not their place to decide."

Does this mean the aged should lose their vote?

His piece was published on the day following ANZAC Day, when the nation honours Australia's warriors, both young and aged, including pensioners.

It was headlined: ‘’ Let wisdom of youth lead social agenda

[ Prime Minister Guizot is to the left of The King, who is of course seated ] studies...


Mr.Koziol  is described as studying media at the University of Sydney.

He does not seem to be aware of the many media reports over many years about polling which indicate that support for a vague undefined politicians’ republic is weakest among both the old and the young.  He could consult the reports we list in our section on Opinion Polls -just click on the icon on the left of the home page of of this site.

Mr. Koziol begins his piece by damning the quotation "If you're not a liberal when you're 20, you have no heart. If you're not a conservative by the time you're 40, you have no brain,'' as silly, offensive and patronising.  He says it should be put to bed.

This is the most diluted version of the saying that I have ever seen. It is usually about socialism, and the age of maturity is usually 30.
He may be interested to know it derives from the French Prime Minister
François Guizot , who said:

Ne pas être un républicain à vingt est preuve de veulent du coeur ; être un à trente est preuve de veulent de la tête.”

In English that is “ A man who is not a republican at 20 has no heart; a man who is a republican at 30 has no brain.”


 In a letter in the Herald (27/4) Sophie York of Turramurra writes: "Michael Koziol, I'm concerned about the community you would shape if politicians allowed your views to trump all others in our diverse nation (''Let wisdom of youth lead social agenda'', April 26).

"Why should only those who live in the future be allowed to have a voice in it? Who can predict his or her own lifespan?
"Should only those in the military decide on the defence budget? Elderly people have wisdom from life experience to draw on and share.

"Many care about the wellbeing of this great country (which they built) that they are handing on to their grandchildren.

"Here's a tip: if you want your opinion listened to, show some respect for the opinions of others."