Pigs might fly
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Saturday, 26 March 2011
The split in the republican movement continues unabated.

This surfaced the republican movement vice chair and media director furiously wrote  to me and accusing me of lying.

All I had done - on the basis of what the movement's deputy chairr said on national television - was that the republican movement seemed to be reconsidering decision on a campaign for a plebiscite during the Royal Wedding.

The movement’s second most senior  officer has now defiantly gone into the media to push the campaign - the one  which their media director says they don't have and have  proposed.

[ I say campaign during the wedding! No wait until I've worked out my model republic!]

Writing in the Canberra Times on Thursday 24 March (“King William? No thank you”) Professor John Warhurst, deputy leader of the republican movement declares his unequivocal support for this campaign:

“As the Royal wedding looms, there is no better time than now to dethrone the monarchy and for Australia to finally become a republic.”

The message could not be clearer. Professor Warhurst says he even delivered the very same message the day before to school students at a national convention in Canberra.

 So not only are republicans irreconcilably divided over the form of some unknown  politicians’ republic they would foist on a reluctant and disinterested nation, they are now shown to be divided over tactics and strategy.


...you’re only a PTIBBI...

 The republican movement has made two allegations about me.

 First, that I am a PTIBBI.

That is “perma-tanned Indonesian born blow in”.

[ Guess which one is the PTIBBI ]

These comments tell us much about those who make them. 


...you lied...


Second, the movement said  I lied twice.

One was when  I said that Gerry Adams,  who denies any involvement with the Irish Republican Army, came to Australia to campaign for the yes case in 1999. Which he did.

The other allegation of lying relates to the present evident dysfunction in the movement concerning whether or not they campaign for a republic to coincide with the Royal wedding.

And they ask the Australian people to trust them with an unknown politicans' republic and an unknown new flag.

 By the way, they do say they are no longer going after the Australian  flag.


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