Return the Governor!
Written by ACM   
Wednesday, 16 February 2011

A public meeting has been called at the Parliament House Theatrette on Monday 7 March from 12 noon to 1.30 pm to Return the Governor to Government House.

Hosted by the formidable Rev. Fred Nile the meeting will be addressed by Australia’s leading broadcaster, Mr. Alan Jones AO. An invitation for the meeting may be downloaded here.


....Governor expelled....

In 1996, Premier Bob Carr decided to throw the Governor out of Government House. The Governor was to be stripped of any function Carr deemed “excessive, irrelevant and unbecoming”. He’d be part-time. Carr’s quip:”That’s one for Jack Lang!” sent a shudder through the nation.

A public demonstration ACM called in Macquarie Street was one of the largest and most peaceful in many years.

(You can read more about our campaign by clicking on the icon “ Return the Governor” on the front page of the ACM site, )


 Carr had to backtrack when part of his plan was shown to be unconstitutional. According to the Auditor-General it has proved far more costly than predicted, there haven’t been more visitors, and nobody from the country or other states can be appointed Governor, however eminent.  No other state has followed this decision.

After he resigned the Premiership, Carr admitted there was another reason for his actions.

Fifteen years later, the Governor is still spending extra hours every month in moving between her home, her office and Government House.

ACM is now formally relaunching its long campaign Return the Governor at a public meeting on 7 March  at Parliament House hosted by the formidable Rev. Fred Nile and to be addressed by the nation’s leading broadcaster Alan Jones AO.

Maintain your rage!  Be there !