Spontaneous demonstration in Athens: Long Live The King
Written by Our Man in Athens   
Monday, 27 September 2010

The Greek people apparently want their King to return, if the spontaneous reaction of a crowd in Athens recently recently is any guide. They clearly do not want the politicans' republic foisted on them. 

 His Majesty King Constantine, and Queen Anee Maree were walking in the city and came upon a demonstration by protesting truck drivers.

Surprised, to see The King of the Hellenes and The Queen, the truck drivers rushed over, calling out:

We want you, we want you!

People are listening and realising, now is our time!

There were cheers and cries of Long Live the King!

In this video people can be heard saying in Greek:
So when are you coming back to save us Mr. King? 

We want you, we want you.

Bread, olives and Con as King. 

We have the Junta here, come back. 

You should have put them all on ships when you had the chance, King.

Congratulations on your kids. Come back and get rid of the ******rs.

It’s all the thieves fault, come back.

One of the truck drivers with a mobile says: My mother is on the phone. Can you talk to her please?