Beginner's Guide to the Australian Constitution
Written by ACM   
Thursday, 08 July 2010

Yesterday ACM supporters gathered at Parliament House in Sydney for a morning tea entitled "Beginner's Guide to the Australian Constitution." This event was to celebrate Constitution Day, 9 July 1900, when Queen Victoria assented to the Constitution Act.

Showcasing a new suite of High Definition educational videos, Nick Hobson DFC AFC, the video's producer, told us how he developed his interest in the topic of the Australian Constitution.

"I am not a lawyer or constitutional expert" ... "but that does not prevent someone from taking an interest in OUR constitution" .... "and I can assure you it is a good thing".

The aesthetically pleasing series uniquely captures the viewer’s interest, transforming an important, but admittedly mundane, topic into a digestible and interesting overview.

The videos are available through Apple's iTunes software, downloadable on both Mac and PC platforms.

Young ACM Spokesman Jai Martinkovits said "Available for free, the videos can be accessed instantly. This convenience not only makes widespread distubution simple, but utilises the mediums with which school children are familiar."

The link is embedded on Nick's site and ACM's eductional resource


For more information on these excellent eductional videos, and how to access them, please click here to download a leaflet.