Prince William: Team ACM in the media
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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Prince William: Team ACM

From early in the morning before Prince William arrived in Sydney Professor David Flint (National Convenor), Jai Martinkovits ( Young ACM spokesman)  Thomas Flynn ( Executive director) and Brett Hogan( Victorian Convenor) were available to all of the media for comment.

This began with this voice interview with Professor Flint on Channel 10 at 7.10am.  He explained why the visit is important and why passing the Crown direct to him would not occur.

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Prince William: One hour to touch down- why the visit is important

This was followed by a Channel 10  studio interview just before the Royal Air New Zealand plane landed. Professor Flint explains why the visit is important. He dismisses proposals to make Prince William first in line’

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The Foreign Minister warmly welcomes Prince William

On Sky News, Australia's news channel, and just before touch down, the Foreign Minister , Stephen Smith offers the Prince a very warm welcome

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As Australia awaits Prince William, Channel 7 hosts ACM v.ARM debate

[An earlier debate]

Before the landing at 7.00am AEDT, Channel 7 hosted a debate between Major General Mike Keating and Professor David Flint. Professor Flint's challenge was why, instead of mean sprited attacks on Prince William, the republicans don't just go away and do the"hard yards" in working out the model for some politicans republic which will be so much better than our crowned republic.

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Prince William: Jai Martinkovits comments

Jai Martinkovits, spokesman for Young ACM was invited to be the “presenter’s friend” delivering a running commentary at selected spots over the hours leading up  to and after  the landing in Sydney of the Royal Air New Zealand plane carrying HRH Prince William.

Jai speaks on the importance of the visit . He also pointed out the need for The Queen to approve of any changes in the succession and the passing of laws in all 16 realms, including the complications in federations such as Australia and Canada.

He explains why he is a constitutional monarchist. 

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Prince William: One hour to countdown- Jai Martinkovits comments
In the 11:00 AEDT News on Sky TV, Young ACM spokesman Jai Martinkovits answers further questions. 

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The Royal Plane delayed slightly: Jai Martinkovits comments
The RANZ plane is now to arrive at 12.15 AEDT. Jai Martinkovits continues to comment on Sky TV, Australia's 24 hour news channel

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Prince William lands: Jai Martinkovits continues to comment
Prince William lands, and Jai Martinkovits is asked ro comment on the republican leader's  demand: " Why's he coming here? He's only second in the line of succession.."

He quotes ACM's National Convenor's warning never to stand between republicans and visiting royalty....otherwise you will risk being knocked over in the rush."

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Jai Martinkovits anwers a question about cost
As Sky TV watches Prince William's drive to Admiralty House to meet the Governor-General, Jai Martinkovits repsonds toa question about cost and benefit of the visit.

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Jai Martinkovits winds up his running commentary on Sky TV
Young ACM spokesman explains why the monarchy is important to Australia as he winds up his commentary on Australia's national TV news channel, SKY news. He also answers the republican doubt about what the Prince can learn about us.

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More from ACM

Team ACM undertook many interviews during the Royal Visit. We'll be sending more of these out in our next issues. In the meantime, feel free to see these yourself on the ACM site.
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