Does anyone understand Daryl Melham MP?
Written by Thomas Flynn   
Thursday, 23 October 2008
Daryl Melham (Revesby, ALP) is at it again. As is well known, Mr Melham regularly attacks the costs associated with our present system of government.

He “exposes” the costs of Royal visits – even though at $600,000 a go we would need to have one a year for more than a century before burning through the public money spent (around $66 million) on the republican referendum alone.  
And the $600,000 includes security costs which are questionable, and the publication of which alerts the criminal as to the level of security provided to internationally protected persons.

More recently he has attacked the cost of Vice Regal travel.
The Canberra Times reports (“Ex-GG's final fling cost us $400,000” 14 October 2008) that Mr Melham has denounced the visits by Major General Michael Jeffery to the scenes of Australia’s military past in (inter alia) Belgium and at Beersheeba.

[The Ninetieth Anniversay of Beersheba]

He argues that “Public money should be much more judiciously spent on what are essentially ceremonial activities.” To which I would reply that the money has been judiciously spent on ceremonial activities. Clearly he meant to say “...more judiciously spent than on ceremonial activities”.

 But what can be his objection to that?

Republicanism has cost this country a fortune (see “Costs of Republicanism to the Taxpayer“on the ACM site. $400K won’t buy you a Senate estimates committee at today’s prices. If we would spend so much money trying to change our system of government what is wrong with such piffling expenditure on the one we have actually got?

The Governor General is Australia’s Head of State (for want of a better term). As a constitutional monarch he or she acts in accordance with lawful advice from elected politicians. The GG can do this because he or she is above politics and as such is able to represent the whole nation to the rest of the world.

Unlike republican politicians.