Australian Republican Slams Denmark's Monarchy Too!
Written by Professor David Flint AM   
Friday, 16 January 2004

The former Chair of the Australian Republican Movement, Mr Greg Barns, has it in for not only our monarchy. He has it in for ALL monarchies! Doesn't he know the UN Human Development Index demonstrates that the best countries to live in on just about every point-living standards, freedom, democracy, and tolerance-are constitutional monarchies? According to a story in the web column, Crikey dot corn, on 15 January 2004, entitled Greg Barns Slams The Danish Monarchy, he challenged a journalist who was trying to interview Prince Frederik of Denmark,who is visiting Hobart, the home of his fiancee, Mary Donaldson. He gave the journalist the benefit of his opinion, an opinion so bizarre it would astound many if not most of his fellow republicans: "All monarchies are evil!" That's right You didn't misread this. Greg Barns thinks all monarchies are EVIL! Not just old fashioned, dated and all those other arguments trotted out by the ARM. They are evil. That is, according to the dictionary, morally bad, wicked or harmful. When Simon Crean said that the former governor –general was guilty of moral turpitude, at least it became clear on ABC TV that he did not understand what he was saying. Greg Barns doesn't have that excuse. The people of Australia are entitled to know whether the Australian Republican Movement endorses his view. I am sure that His Excellency, the Governor, Richard Butler, having just reaffirmed his allegiance to The Queen of Australia, will assure the Prince that Mr Barns speaks only for himself and that Australians wish the couple well. But back to the scene in a cafe in Hobart The journalist was obviously as astounded as you are when you read this. Clever woman that she obviously is, she just told him she didn't want to be..well political. He takes umbrage at that, so he wrote off to Crikey saying that he therefore assumes she won 't be asking the Prince any questions about Denmark's "one Nation" style political party, its being in contempt of EU Human Rights Court etc. (Actually, the European Court of Human Rights is not part of the European Union)


This outburst provoked the following reply from Alan Dungey in Western Australia: "What sort of an ignorant twit is Greg Barns.The Danish monarchy are no more responsible for the policies of the Danish Government than the Australian monarchy are responsible for what goes on in Canberra. They are a symbol of national unity and obviously a pretty good one, as we've heard more about Denmark in. the past. few months on the telly, than probably the past 10 years put together - good for their tourism industry, I'm sure. The Danish monarchy bravely remained behind when the Nazis took over their country during World War 2, a quiet symbol of resistance to tyranny. Denmark saved practically all its Jews from the holocaust, by smuggling them over to Sweden. Meanwhile, in neutral republican Switzerland, refugees claiming persecution on the basis of race were prohibited from crossing its borders, and Swiss nationals who smuggled them sent to prison =518&ncid=732&e=10&u=/ap/200