Written by Professor David Flint AM   
Saturday, 17 January 2004

As you would expect, the republicans now say that they never really wanted to change our Flag. In fact we can be assured that under whichever of their republican models they think they can sneak through, the Flag will not change. Well, it won't have to change. Really it won't. Believe us, it won't. But Christopher Pearson has just revealed, in the Weekend Australian, 17-18 January 2004, the preference of Mr Latham for the Eureka Flag, which has over the last few decades been the standard of various communist and left wing organisations. (Incidentally, a lot of taxpayers' money has been thrown at commemorating the Eureka Stockade, so we are destine d to hear a lot about it being the beginnings of the republican movement-which it was not. That was with The Bulletin in Sydney, but that was so tied up with White Australia that the republicans prefer to ignore it.)


To be fair, that was Mr Latham 's view in 1992 and he has been indicating that he has changed his views over a wide range of issues since he became the Leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition! In each case the change is one thought to be more palatable to the voters. I can tell you, Mark that thanks to the Flag Association, the Prime Minister and Brendan Nelson, the flag change brigade has been well and truly defeated. So perhaps the next announcement of your change of view should be to keep our Flag, and even, one would hope, our Constitution.