Written by Professor David Flint AM   
Sunday, 28 March 2004

The Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee has announced it will report on 3 August 2004 on how to turn Australia into a republic. In the meantime, the Committee has scheduled the following public hearings:

        ·         Tuesday 13 April 2004 Parramatta
·         Wednesday 14 April 2004 Melbourne
·         Tuesday 18 May 2004 Perth
·         Wednesday 19 May 2004 Adelaide
·         Thursday 20 May 2004 Hobart
·         Tuesday 29 June 2004 Townsville
·         Wednesday 30 June 2004 Darwin

ACM is putting in a submission, which, when filed, will be released to the public. We will also be officially represented at all of the hearings. Details of this will be announced in due course.