ACM Thanks UK Supporters
Written by ACM   
Monday, 09 August 2004

Sydney, Australia - ACM supporters who attended the Centenary Foundation 'Australia Week' in London in July took the opportunity to thank our UK supporters for their encouragement during last year's referendum at a morning tea at the Royal Commonwealth Club at the end of the busy week. ACM National Convenor, Professor David Flint, took the opportunity to re-launch 'The Cane Toad Republic' to the British audience which included the Secretary of the Monarchist League, Mr Don Foreman.

Professor Flint reminded the gathering of the need to remain diligent and never accept constitutional change without understanding the fine print.

'To stop the greyback beetle from eating away at Australia's sugarcane crop authorities decided to release the Bufo Marinus to eat them up,' Professor Flint told the audience.

Unfortunately the greyback beetle could fly and Bufo could not. The rest is now cane toad history.' Professor Flint reminded the Australian tourists and enlightened bemused British supporters of how Australia came very close to becoming a 'Cane Toad Republic' and why it was important for ACM to continue its role as an educator and political lobby group to protect our world renown constitutional monarchy.

Since the conference, Mr Foreman has advised ACM that the Government of Barbados is attempting to break its constitutional ties with the Crown without going to a referendum. Any supporters with contacts in Barbados should advise us immediately.