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Keep Our Flag!
Australian Flags ANZAC Day

Our beloved Australian Flag remains under attack by a small minority of republican flag changers.

Without a mandate, and notwithstanding their landslide defeat in 1999, the republicans are in the process of removing all symbols of the Australian Crown - an institution they see as a constraint on republican politicians. 

The republican newspaper The Age says that since everyone knows the Flag will change after some unknown (politicians’) republic is adopted, the Australian Flag should be changed now.

Leading republicans opened a major campaign aginst the flag which culminated in a programme on national television on the eve of ANZAC Day, 2010. In a subsequent official inquiry this campaign was ruled to be misleading.

The principal feature of Australia Day 2011 was the endorsement of flag and constitutional change by those chosen as Australians of the Year by the politicians’ Australia Day committees.

The republican flag changers deliberately ran dead during the 1999 republican referendum campaign to assist the republican case, although the republican movement had earlier endorsed an exhibition of new flags to coincide with the 1998 Constitutional Convention as well as a touring exhibition .  Most of these proposed new flags were of the  beach towel variety with one  proposed flag which can only be described as obscenity, and a gross one at that.

Republicans argue that three established facts about our Flag are untrue.

First that Australian Flag was adopted after an open public competition with very wide participation and support which was concluded under the authority of the Commonwealth of Australia;

Second that there was never any requirement that our Flag include the Union Jack,and

Third, that it is the Flag under which Australians have served and died.  

All are absolutely true. And Australians overwhelmingly love their beloved Australian Flag.

Republicans long opposed any requirement for a vote by the people on any change being inserted in the Flag Act or into the Constitution. They were especially annoyed when Parliament did this, and especially by the requirement that in any vote, the existing Flag be included for consideration.

(Most federal republican politicians had to go along with this reluctantly when they realised the changes would pass both houses – they did not want to be on the record opposing this , although previously they planned a change to take effect before 2000 without any vote by the people.) 

A group of prominent republicans continues to campaign for a new flag. They have been careful to ensure none hold office in the republican movement, no doubt to give the impression the two campaigns are entirley separate. There can be little doubt that were a politicians' republic to be imposed, the Flag would be next in line. 



Our Australian Flag Print E-mail
Keep Our Flag
Tuesday, 01 February 2011

The divisive and highly unpopular attack by elite republicans on our Australian Flag on Australia Day of all days has backfired. Rank and file Australians are certainly not impressed by their stunts.  

It is not that they are proposing some alternative; it is just that they have an obsessive hatred of our Flag. They might as well hate the rule of law, the common law, parliament and the English language.

The Australian Flag is too close to the hearts of Australians to be dislodged by these tactics. Just glance at the video below from ANZAC Day , a day defiled last year by this campaign.  

In the meantime,a reader from NewCastle, Gregory Byfield, has sent us this wonderful poem, Our Australian Flag.

The Librarian of the State Library of Queensland had earlier confirmed that the poet is Robin Northover, also from Newcastle.

Full details were  published in the Australasian Post on 20th April 1996.



           Our Australian Flag 

Our Flag bears the stars that blaze at night our southern skies of blue;

And that little old Flag in the corner,
.......that's part of our heritage, too.

It's for the English, the Scots and the Irish,
.......who were sent to the ends of the earth;

The rogues and the schemers, the doers and dreamers;
.......who gave our Australia birth.

And you who are seeking to change it, don't seem to understand;

It's the Flag of our law and our language,
.......not the Flag of a faraway land.

There are plenty of people who'll tell you
.......that when Europe was plunged into night,

That little old Flag in the corner
.......was their symbol of freedom and light.

It's not that we owe allegiance a forgotten imperial dream:

We've the stars to show where we're going;
.......that old Flag to show where we've been.

Australian Flag- 80% youth support Print E-mail
Keep Our Flag
Sunday, 30 January 2011


In a devastating blow to the republican push for shredding the flag, the latest research from the established respected pollster, the Morgan poll, reveals there is overwhelming support among all age groups for keeping the Australian Flag.

Taken just after the ANZAC Day debate, it revealed that support among the youngest age group, 14 to 17, support is at 80%, with 7% undecided.

The attack on the Australian Flag on ANZAC day outraged many Australians.

According to the Morgan Poll, support for the Australian Flag across all ages is at 69%, with 5% undecided.

But in the Great Flag Debate broadcast across the Channel 9 national network on 30 January, the prominent republican campaigner against the Flag, Peter FitzSimons claimed that about 50% of Australians want to change the flag. 

No age group and neither sex comes even close to 50% support for shredding the Australian Flag.

According to Gary Morgan of Morgan Polls:

“The latest Morgan Poll on the Australian Flag shows a clear majority of Australians (66%, up 22% since February 1998) want to retain the current Australian Flag and an even stronger majority (69%, up 16%) want to retain the Union Jack as part of the Australian Flag.“Despite recent unwarranted calls for a new Australian Flag, the Morgan Poll shows that the clear preference of Australians is to stick with the current design that was first flown on September 3, 1901 in Melbourne over the Australian Parliament and has so well represented our nation for over 100 years since.”

...Australia Day stunts

We have come to expect republican stunts on Australia Day but for the first time last year they even chose to defile ANZAC Day.

In a democracy the republicans are of course entitled to campaign against the Australian Flag and the Australian Constitution, butthere is a time and a place, and a proper process.It is wrong to try to divide the nation on Australia Day and ANZAC Day.

 Further they should go away and come back with their preferred alternative- not a collection of beach towels – and put it to the powers that be.

The Keating government planned to impose a new flag on the nation before the Centenary of Federation. But then the Flag Act was amended to require the question be decided not by the politicians but by the people.

Although the republican flag changers were outraged that the question should be decided democratically – which tells you a lot  about the   republican model they have up their sleeves - few politicians would dare try to circumvent that.
Republican stunts fail Print E-mail
Keep Our Flag
Sunday, 30 January 2011
The Australia Day stunts have exposed the recent pretence that changing to a politicians’ republic has nothing to do with the flag.

They have also shown that the official Australia Day structure has been captured by a clique obsessed with shredding our beautiful Flag, our constitution and our heritage.

In addition, by being too clever in conspiring to achieve maximum effect on Australia Day, they have confirmed that elements in the media, especially the Fairfax press, will even stand aside the Principles of the Press Council to use the news pages  to push this  agenda.


...dead in the water..

We know from the reaction of the republican politicians that republicanism and especially flag change are dead in the water.

The spin doctors have warned them that polling and focus groups tell them not to touch these.

So securing some vague politicians’ republic is put off during this reign, and once enthusiastic flag changers now declare their eternal love for the flag.

We can also see the complete sidelining of the republican movement.

Once at the centre of the debate it is now on the periphery, and of little account.

Other republican entities are emerging including the re-energised Ausflag entity which puts flag change first on the agenda. Clearly the captured Australia Day structure is being used to whittle away at popular support for the Flag and the constitutional system.

...young not interested...

The stunts confirmed that the obsession with the republican flag changing agenda just does not attract the young.

We have frequently exposed here how wrong Minister Roxon’s mantra is that no new monarchists are being born. As we have with Senator Susanne Ryan’s observation that all the republicans had to do was wait until the present generation of monarchists drop off.

Polling confirms this. honest  journalist’s view...

  Journalists are now beginning to notice the same phenomenon- at least those honest enough to report it.  Others, such as Fairfax columnist and former talk show host Mike Carlton in the Herald (29/1)  substitute abuse for analysis. ( I challenge you to a debate, Mike. Let me know where and when. )

A comment from an honest columnist follows.

  In the 1970s and 80s, having a holiday to commemorate the arrival of the first boats of white settlers was widely regarded - at least among my generation - as passé, an anachronistic nod to a history we weren't sure whether to be proud of or not, writes  Sally Neighbour in “Wrapped in the flag and loving it” The Australian (29/1)

As for the Australian flag, it was seen by many as an irrelevant relic of our colonial past, doomed for the scrapheap come the republic.But such reservations have little traction among generations X and Y. Ambivalence has given way to unabashed pride in all things Australian, not least the flag.

They turn up to the Big Day Out with it tattooed on their skin. The same young Australians flock to Gallipoli each year to mark Anzac Day, and trek in their thousands along the Kokoda Track.



Concern about Australian of the Year process Print E-mail
Keep Our Flag
Friday, 28 January 2011
The whole notion of Australian of the Year is in need of rejuvenation, declared Piers Akerman in the Daily Telegraph on 27 January 2011.  

The process has clearly been captured.

But in Victoria, at least, the process is not fully captured. A truly independent body, the Australia Day Council (Victoria) Inc has survived. They invited me to give the address this year.



...government role...


In the meantime, Piers Akerman continued:

Why did the Government choose someone who is so unhappy with the historical fact that Australia is a country with a British heritage reflected in our language, our laws, even the side of the road we drive?

(Simon) McKeon wishes to dispense with the small nod to the roots of our extraordinarily stable representative parliamentary democracy through the constitutional monarchy and the symbolism of the flag to represent the aspirations of the nation.
 McKeon is the latest in a series of appointees who have shown some sympathy with unpopular positions embraced by the Labor Federal Government. The chosen individual, by choice or unwittingly, becomes a symbolic fig leaf for the Government to hide behind whenever particular policies are challenged.

...Patrick McGorry’s campaign...

 Last year’s choice, Professor Patrick McGorry, was a handy foil for the Rudd government to use against those arguing for tougher restrictions on those who use illegal people smugglers to enter Australia (though ultimately the Rudd-Gillard governments were unable to dismantle the detention system fast enough to please McGorry).

In August 2010, Professor McGorry - a psychiatrist - criticised Australians for failing to "seriously" address the issue of a republic. According to a report by Lanai Vasek In The Australian (27/8, he likened the country to a 27-year-old who just won't leave home -- "a Gen Y nation".

[ First Federal Parliament opened by future King ]

I told The Australian :

"We are one of the world's oldest and stable democracies, we have a Constitution which has been successful." "Nations aren't individuals on a psychologist's couch . . . nations exist on sound institutions and it would be foolish to change those institutions purely on the basis of a flippant psychologist's analogy."

I recalled that Canada, a leading NATO and G7/G8 power, which sits at the top tables of the world, has a similar constitution.

Few Canadians would think their nation immature because of its sophisticated constitutional system. It is likely that they would be outraged by such a gratuitous psychiatric assessment (“The nation is not on a psychiatric couch” 27/8)

Professor McGorry even campaigned for constitutional change in his last hours in office.

...Fairfax and Ausflag give the game away...

He joined one of a number of previous Australians of the Year lined up by Ausflag for a Fairfax exclusive for Australia Day.

But in doing so they inadvertently gave the game away.

There can be no doubt now that the official Australia Day process has been captured by the usual elites obsessed with changing the flag and the constitution.    

Now Ausflag surreptitiouly handed over an exclusive story to the Fairfax outlets. They obviouly did not trust any News Limited outlets to do their bidding.

In return Fairfax gave it maximum effect -front page treatment on  Australia Day with of course editorial support.

In a letter to The Age, Dr. Brian Chapman presented a view held by many Australians:  

In your article "Leading Australians start push to sack Union Jack from national flag" (26/1) you quote outgoing Australian of the Year, Patrick McGorry, as saying "It's time Australia grew up. Right now, it's a bit like a slowly maturing Generation Y adolescent, a 27-year-old who just won't leave home". 

 I should have thought that a mental health expert would understand that the best measure of when one has truly grown up is when one feels completely at ease with ones daily friends and associates in the presence of one’s parents. 

Inclusion of the Union Jack in our flag symbolises the most treasured aspects of our heritage, our language, literature, system of government and rule of law - all of which make Australia one of the most sought-after refuges on earth for the dispossessed. 

That this symbol displeases some of our leading thinkers so persistently is suggestive of a specific kind of mental health problem that would merit further study.  Perhaps this is something for Professor McGorry to think about when he writes his next grant application.”

The Age did not publish the letter.

...Fairfax ignores Press Council Principles ...

[Continued below]


Instead of seeking a simultaneous response to the story, the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age chose to give the story maximum effect by publishing it on Australia Day without any opposing views whatsoever.

But the Australia Press Council Principles state that:

The publication should ensure fairness and balance in the original article.Failing that, it should provide a reasonable and swift opportunity for a balancing response in an appropriate section of the publication. 

Press Council rulings indicate that balance should only be put off where it is impossible. For example, a politician under  attack cannot be contacted fro a response.

The point is, there was obviously time for fairfax to provide balance - especially on Australia Day. The story didn’t land on the editor’s desk within minutes of putting the papers to bed.

But Fairfax and Ausflag wanted to get the maximum effect on Australia Day.   

This is using the news pages to promote an agenda, isn’t it?

The conclusion must be that Fairfax press is so obsessed with their republican flag change agenda that they are prepared to put aside ethical standards.

...balance put off until the next day...


It was only on the next day that opposing views were published.

In Old blue still has admirers, despite push for change Yuko Narushima and Peta Doherty revealed that  the Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott  wanted to keep the current design.

It's not just my opinion, it's the opinion of millions of people who are proudly flying the flag today.

There was also an interesting reversal of Labor Party policy which under the Keating government was  to change the flag before 2000 without a vote by the people.
The Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, said

I'm a big advocate of the current Australian flag. We love it.

Clearly for many politicians inclined to jump on any bandwagon, the polls and focus groups are telling them that on these issues –to use the vernacular: “Pull your head in.”

The Herald also published ACM’s view:

Mr Flint acknowledged that many Australians had no historical links with Britain but he said there was no reason to scrap the flag because of the Union Jack.''You don't get rid of the rule of law, the Westminster parliamentary system and the English language. You could really go on a rampage and get rid of everything that has any suggestion of Britain but that would be silly,'' he said.He also rejected any design blending the Aboriginal flag.''It's a relatively new flag. It's not as though the Aboriginal people were carrying it around in 1788 and I also think it would be an unattractive design to try to mix that with the Southern Cross. I think, just aesthetically, it wouldn't work,'' he said.

The Herald story added:Views were mixed among the Sydney public.''I don't think we should change the flag,'' said Chris Logan, at the Bankstown Council Garrison Point Australia Day celebration. Mr Logan brings his collection of at least 20 Australian flags to the celebrations every year.''I'm not really into the monarchy but I like the original Australian flag,'' he said. ''The Southern Cross doesn't belong to the Poms.''


Now that Ausflag and Fairfax have truly let the cat out of the bag, everyone knows the Australia Day process is compromised. It is well and truly captured by those with an obsessive republican flag changing agenda.

How will it regain credibility?

Piers Akerman has a suggestion: Let the next Australian of the Year be someone who represents and expresses confidence in our wonderful nation - with all its real and imagined shortcomings. Let them reflect the pride we share in our volunteers and their selfless achievements and respect the strengths that made our culture universally admired.  

Australians Love Their Flag - Australia Day 2011 Print E-mail
Keep Our Flag
Thursday, 27 January 2011

Yet another campaign against the Australian Flag was launched on Australia Day 2011.

In this video clip from Channel 10's popular current affairs programme, the 7PM Project, Young ACM spokesman Jai Martinkovits explains why this is so.

This is preceded by a balanced yet light introduction.

The Flags the Republican Movement Want To Foist On The Nation Print E-mail
Keep Our Flag
Monday, 22 November 2010

A recent comment on the ACM Facebook page quotes the ARM as saying:

"Australian Republican Movement: Changing the flag is not ARM policy. Other organizations like AusFlag have this as their primary motivation."

But the evidence is to the contrary. In fact, whenever we produced this brochure during the referendum campaign, the ARM representative, sometimes its Chairman, went white in the face.

So what flag is the ARM wanting to impose on the country? Their present policy seems to be to leave the Flag until after the country becomes some sort of politicians' republic - that is what the republican newspaper The Age says.  The former ARM policy was to do it before, or at the same time as one of the foundation pillars would be torn out of the Constitution.


These are some of the flags they have suggested.  Most are of the beach towel variety.

These republican flags come from the exhibition, " Flagging the Republic". This was held in New South Wales around the referendum.  

The ARM  held or sponsored another in Canberra at the time of the Constitutional Convention.  A leading republican delegate, Mrs Holmes a Court, from the floor of the Convention, invited all delegates to go.   In those days the ARM was so assured of victory they did not hide their plans about changing the flag.  Of course, I would not have been seen near such a truly appalling event.

It was not long before that Minister Kim Beazley had announced on behalf of the Keating government - who worked hand in glove with the republican movement - that our  Flag would be changed before the Bicentennial.

And it will come as no suprise to readers that the  republicans had no plans whatsoever to ask the people whether their beloved  Flag should be shredded.  



In case you had difficulty seeing one of the flags, here it is, suitably censored.   You can see this flag among the many that the republican movement preferred to the Australian Flag in this  brochure which carries the republican movement logo : click here


Flagging the ARM's republic Print E-mail
Keep Our Flag
Wednesday, 10 November 2010
Although we now do not know what form of republic they are proposing, we have a good  idea about the Republican Movement's preferences concerning the flag with which they plan to replace our Australian Flag.

The following were in an exhibition, " Flagging the Republic". This was held in New South Wales around the referendum. Most are of the beach towel variety. We shall publish some more soon, including one which makes every ARM chairman go white whenever  he sees it.


Some may have been in the exhibition arranged in Canberra at the time of the Constitutional Convention. During the session, delegates were invited by a prominent ARM leader  to visit it.  

The programme for the NSW travelling exhibition was published under the Australian Republican Movement logo.

Still flagging the ARM republic Print E-mail
Keep Our Flag
Saturday, 06 November 2010

The Republican Movement has long preferred setting up stunts to attract media attention.

Just remember the disastrous Mate for a Head of State campaign designed by Peter FitzSimons.

It seems that they are now bereft of ideas even about stunts. They have actually lifted a campaign created earlier this year by the New Zealand Monarchist League about hugging your opponents.

These stunts are designed to hide the fact they are still refusing to tell the Australian people what they are planning to impose on the nation. 

As  Channel 7's David Koch  told them when they launched the Mate for a Head of State campaign, no one will take them seriously until they release  details of thier proposed republic.  


As we have said here, it is as if republicans are marching down the street chanting:

We want a republic.....

............................. but we haven't the foggiest idea what sort of republic we want.

...alright for beach towels...

Although we do not know what form of republic they are proposing, we have a good idea about the Republican Movement's preferences concerning the flag with which they plan to replace our Australian Flag.

Even then they do not have a favoured flag - the point is to shred the existing flag.

Here are some more flags they have suggested.  As one person said when she saw the brochure:

Most are alright for beach towels - except one..

They come from the exhibition the Republican Movement  supported , " Flagging the Republic" which was held in Sydney and Armidale before the referendum.

There had been ann eearlier one in Canberra to coincide with the Constiutional Convnetion. I do not know what flags were shown. Of course, I declined Mrs Holmes à Court's invitation to the launch.

It would be like attending a bonfire onto which is thrown the Constitution  and the Oath of Allegiance.  Not my scene Mrs Holmes  à Court.

We shall publish some more flags soon, including one which seems to make ARM chairmen go white whenever  they see it.




Australian National Flag Day: This Friday Print E-mail
Keep Our Flag
Thursday, 02 September 2010

Australian National Flag Day will be celebrated across our nation on Friday, 3 September, 2010.

“This day commemorates the first occasion when our national flag was flown, on 3 September 1901 when Prime Minister Edward Barton announced the winning design from a public competition to select our new nation’s flag. 32,823 entries were received with five of the designs being identical, writes John Vaughan, National Spokesman and Vexillographer for the Australian National Flag Association.

 “The winners, three teenagers, a woman and a man shared the honour of creating Australia’s chief national symbol, the Australian National Flag.I encourage you to conduct or to participate in an Australian flag raising ceremony to celebrate this day, the 109th anniversary of our national flag of “Stars and Crosses”. 

“Our flag represents our nation when it is flown both in Australia and across the world. This day is a wonderful opportunity for us to reflect on the how our flag unites us as a nation and our pride in our achievements.


[ To continue reading about the celebrations , click on "Read more" below ]

Poll king hits republic: call for Flag change Print E-mail
Keep Our Flag
Wednesday, 01 September 2010

Under the heading “THEY SAID” the Sun Herald (29/8) splashed the following  comments  with photographs alongside the report on the poll which shows more Australians are now opposed  than support an undefined vague republic.

In particular, Greens Leader Dr. Bob Brown,  now the leading republican in Parliament, confirms that  flag change is also on the republican agenda. This was just before National Flag Day to be celebrated on 3 September.


PATRICK McGORRY Australian of the Year

"Australia's adolescence has lasted more than 100 years … It is time for Australia to pass the test of maturity and emerge from its prolonged adolescence into the full flower of independent adulthood as the republic of Australia.'

JULIA GILLARD Prime Minister

''The appropriate time to be a republic is when we see the monarch change. Obviously, I'm hoping for Queen Elizabeth that she lives a long and happy life, and having watched her mother I think there's every chance she will.''

TONY ABBOTT Opposition Leader

''I think that our existing constitutional arrangements have worked well in the past. I see no reason whatsoever why they can't continue to work well in the future.''


[ Tony Abbott at Oxford Universty ]

BOB BROWN Greens leader

''It is high time we replaced the Union Jack with a dinkum Australian symbol on our flag. There can be no reason to delay at least holding a plebiscite on whether or not Australia wants to become a republic.''

[ The Boxers: Staatliche Antikensammlungen ]

  [To continue reading, click on "Read More" below]

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